Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Another Reason Why I Love Sweepstakes

There are many reasons why I love entering and winning sweepstakes - the cash prizes that arrive just when you need them, the fun trips I wouldn't normally get to take, the excitement when a Fedex envelope arrives with a win notification. But sometimes that pleasure of sweeping is simpler and more immediate.
Earlier this month I entered the Kroger Co. Win Your List Instant Win Game. After three unsuccessful attempts, I won the prize. A $50 credit was immediately applied to my store loyalty card - couldn't get any faster delivery of a prize!
But the best part was yet to come. During my next shopping trip I made a conscious effort to spend at least $50, and I ended up buying a lot of items that were on sale. You can imagine the surprise on the face of the woman who checked me out when my total went from almost $100 down to $1.06! Fancy prizes are nice, but (almost) free groceries are fantastic! If your local store has a web site or Facebook page, make sure you keep a lookout for any sweeps they may be running. Hopefully you will get some free groceries, too!

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